Ipv6 port problem

Hello, everyone,

I want to ask about IPV6. Does cloudflare not support IPV6 8080/8880/443 and other ports? I have a server and the web program is normal, but apart from the normal access using port 80, other ports such as 8080/8880 supported by cloudflare cannot be accessed. Can anyone tell me what the problem is.

The following logs:

  1. The port is normal and the firewall is enabled (2ed9 telnel 2ef8)

#Telnet xx.:2ef8 8080

Try xx::2ef8…

Connect to xx:xx:2ef8.

  1. The program starts normally (2ed9 curl 2ef8)

~#curl[xx.xx: 2ef8]: 8080

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You should be automatically redirected to the target URL: / login . If not, click the link.

  1. When requesting the domain name, Missing returned 521 error
    AAAA v3: xx.xx: 2ef8

Cloudflare does support those. However, it appears that your trying to connect directly to an IP address rather than a hostname. Cloudflare does not support that.

Thank you for sdayman’s answer.
I am here to prove that the server port has been programmed normally. At the same time, I am sure that the error 521 is returned through domain name access. It is my fault for not writing clearly.

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