IPV6 Only working if Cloudflare is turned off


My current setup

AAAA record for example.noamanahmed.com points to IPV6

Now if I turn off the cloudflare by pressing the orange cloud button, I can easily access it.
But if I turn it back on I cannot access the domain. It gives error 522 which supposedly means that the server is down which is not. The SSL setup on the hosting is LetsEncrypt

Here is the current status

a) When cloudflare is turned off

  1. Without SSL works
  2. With SSL works

b) When cloudflare is turned on

  1. Without SSL redirects to SSL Version
  2. SSL Version gives error 522

I just figured out that HE tunnels are blocked :frowning:

But does SSL work when Cloudflare is turned off?

Sorry the formatting was all messed up

Could you read it again?

Is your SSL mode here set to Full (Strict)?

Here’s general information on 522 errors:

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Actually I set it to Off,flexible and strict using Page Rules.

I think I have already highlighted the issues

Hurrican Electric are blocking CF IPs on Free IPV6 Tunnels

Can you confirm this statement for me?

Sorry, but I have no insight into Hurricane Electric’s configuration.

You really don’t need IPv6 on your server if you’re using Cloudflare. Cloudflare will still route IPv6 visitors through to your IPv4 server. I don’t use IPv6 on my servers just to make things simpler. I still see my visitors’ IPv6 addresses in the server log since I’m restoring Visitor IP addresses from the Cloudflare header.

My server only has IPV6.

Then what’s the purpose of the Tunnel Broker IPv6 tunnel?

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