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I’m new here, so please be patient.

I have a server at home, which I’d like to access from outside my Wi-Fi network. The problem is that my ISP only gives me an IPv6 address, which makes it impossible for me to access my server from 99% of networks I have access to.

I saw that Cloudflare offers a free solution for this problem, but if I saw it correctly, I can only use this feature on my already registered domain, which I have to add a payment method for. Now I’m not against paying for this kind of service (as long as it’s a reasonable price). However, I never saw an actual price for a domain on here, which makes me worried about giving my credit card number away for a service that I don’t actually need.

Do I have a way to make use of only the free ipv6 gateway service? If not, then what plans do I have at my disposal to get this working?

Thanks in advance

You need a domain, but you dont need to pay for the service or for using that domain on Cloudflare. You only need to pay for the domain (unless it is one of the free ones) but that is a payment to the registrar, not Cloudflare.

Cloudflare does not need a payment method to get started with the free plan. IPv6 gateway is available for free.

Also, for the domain, you could register and use a freenom domain which doesn’t cost anything either.

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ngrok is also an option.

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