IPv6 Gateway Location

Hello, I am running in to a problem on one of our networks where Cloudflare Teams is set up for the location, but DNS rules seemingly don’t always work.

The location has Google Fiber, and when we are on that network, and google “What is my IP” we get an IPv6 address. When we add the location in the Cloudflare Zero Trust dashboard under Gateway Locations, it automatically adds an IPv4 address.

The router is set up with the correct DNS settings, and all of the devices on the network are getting the DNS settings from DHCP, but some of the gateway policies we have in place don’t seem to be applying. It’s strange though because sometimes they work properly, and other times they don’t.

So I have a couple of questions around it. First, could that be related to getting a public IPv6 address? If so, is there any way to add that to the gateway location info?

If that wouldn’t be the issue, then any suggestions on how to troubleshoot something like this?

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