IPv6 fails Google Nest Wifi

I have the following settings in the Google Nest Wifi Router (Primary Network>Advanced networking>DNS>Custom):

Primary Server:
Secondary Server:
Primary IPV6 Server: 2606:4700:4700::112
Secondary IPV6 Server: 2606:4700:4700::1002

My ISP in Australia is Exetel, they provide IPv6 and IPv4 (Dual Stack) by using IPv6 Prefix Delegation (PD)

When I test at test-ipv6 it fails:

-Your IPv4 address on the public Internet appears to be 58.XX.XX.XXX
-Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) appears to be EXETEL-AS-AP Exetel Pty Ltd
-No IPv6 address detected
-You appear to be able to browse the IPv4 Internet only. You will not be able to reach IPv6-only sites.
-To ensure the best Internet performance and connectivity, ask your ISP about native IPv6.
-Your DNS server (possibly run by your ISP) appears to have IPv6 Internet access.

Suggestions please :slight_smile:

You’ll want to talk to your ISP. Cloudflare’s DNS servers don’t have an impact on that particular test.

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