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Why do we need to enable IPv6 Compatibility? I use a IPv6 Public IP and most of the site do not even have AAAA records. Some of the very big sites like

and yet I access them perfectly fine over ipv6 network. Why do we need to enable IPv6 network compatibility?

In support pages of cloudflare This is wrtten when we try to turn off IP6 compatibility

Why can’t I turn off IPv6?

At Cloudflare we believe in being good to the Internet and good to our customers. By moving on from the legacy world of IPv4-only to the modern-day world where IPv4 and IPv6 are treated equally, we believe we are doing exactly that. In the Cloudflare dashboard, IPv6 is no longer something you can toggle on and off, it’s always just on. However, if you need to turn off IPv6 (and say goodbye to the modern internet), you may still do so using the Cloudflare API.

But the site I mentioned is working perfectly fine without this compatibility. I am really confused why we need IPv6 compatibility.

even boredpanda.com dont have AAAA record.

Liquidweb do not have ipv6.

They’re pretty much run out of IPv4 addresses, so IPv6 is the next step. Cloudflare is ready for this, and if you can use IPv6, you should. It won’t be long until you just can’t get an IPv4 address for new hardware. At some point, it would be nice if hardware would stop routing IPv4.


My question is different. We have ipv4 address and it is not we are asking for new one. Why do we need AAAA record?

You don’t need one…until it comes to the point when there are users out there who don’t have IPv4 and they won’t be able to reach your site.

I use a mobile network which is all out ipv6. I am able to access IPv4 site (which has only A record and No AAAA record).

Why would we need IPv6 compatibility mode?

Not likely. Something that’s all-out IPv6 can’t connect to IPv4. For example, I can spin up an IPv6-only instance at Vultr. That box can’t connect to anything that’s IPv4 only…which is a bummer because some software repositories are IPv4-only.

What’s the URL of your site?

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