IPv6 Cloudflare / VPS

IPv6 is enabled in Cloudflare Settings
I also have my VPS for IPV6.

Do I need to configure anything?

You can add a AAAA record to your DNS and remove existing A records, this will make CF connect to your server over v6 (but website visitors will still be able to reach Cloudflare’s V4 addresses).

remove only A?
I have Cname for www

But will this work normally with IPV4?

I’m still learning about it, so I need to know what’s best for my blog.

Keeping both the v4 and v6 addresses in there doesn’t do any harm, CF will just default to IPv4 for the connection between CF and your server for now. If you want to force IPv6 between CF<–>server, you’d remove the A record.

As for the www CNAME, you should keep it since CNAMEs work with both AAAA and A records. If you decide to force v6 on your root by removing the A record, it’ll also update for www.

I’m a little confused about the IPV4

If I remove IPV4 and keep only IPV6

IPV4 will continue to work normal?

I want it to work for IPV4 and also IPV6.

Sorry for so many questions, I’m new to this. :sweat_smile:

Is there any website that I can test if IPV6 is working properly?

Yes; Since CF is a reverse proxy, they will still advertise their IPv4 and visitors can connect even if they don’t have IPv6. Again, this is only if you want to make sure the CF <–> Server connection is IPv6, which isn’t that important. There is no harm if you leave the A record.

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