IPv6 adoption calculation bug?

I think I’ve noticed a bug in the way the Cloudflare Radar tools calculates the IPv6 adoption rate. What happens is that when you use a time period preset of 3 months or longer you see a drop in IPv6 adoption rate at the very end of the time series. From what I can see, this drop is not actually real, but appears to be a result of how the adoption rate is calculated. Here’s what this looks like for Germany today (notice the drop at the very end):

Three months

I wanted to include more examples to show what this looks like for six months, one year, and also unaffected four weeks time period that doesn’t have a drop at the end (all presets that are four weeks or shorter appear to not have this issue). However, I can’t post more than one example because my account is new.

Thanks for the post - I’ll share this with the Radar team to find out what’s happening here, and why Radar appears to show a drop when looking at longer periods of time. (I suspect that it may have to do with the way the data is being aggregated.) Stay tuned.

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Following up here, apologies for the delay. One of the Radar team members dug into what’s happening here, and what you are observing is due to a bug in the way that the data is being aggregated over longer periods of time (>=3 months).
We have some changes in process on the backend, and this should be fixed when those get deployed.

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No worries, thanks for getting back to me! Looking forward to the fix making it into production.

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