IPv6 AAAA record can not be removed

Is there a way to prevent Cloudflare from passing IPv6? The hosting site does not support IPv6, yet Cloudflare DNS has an AAAA record, and I find no way to remove it. Perhaps this is a paid/pro option only?

The problem is that a dig for the IPv6 address provides a response from Cloudflare DNS.

You can disable IPv6 via an API call, however - unless you really want to - you generally dont need to bother. The IPv6 address only points to the proxies and the connection to your origin will still be IPv4 only if you have only configured A records. The only thing will be, IPv6 addresses will show up in the HTTP header indicating the client IP address and, should you rewrite IP addresses (which you should), they will show up in your server logs even though it doesn support IPv6.

Thank you, I will advise the host of the network server.

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