IPv4 vs IPv6 and multiple networks

Hi There,

I have 2 free domains under one account.

both work properly from WE internet provider in Egypt.
but different behavior from 3G and 4G Vodafone Egypt:
-areas working
-other areas error connection reset or connection stopped or closed

found idea at this forum is to disable IPv6 which I did on FilFan.com only and we thought it was fixed but after a while we found that sarmady.net was up and down with the same errors.

right now our company network have up and downs issues with both websites.

Hope some one has any ideas.

This sounds very local but curious if you’re still encountering the issues?

yes, still and I even communicated this to Vodafone Egypt network team to investigate.

And they found that some IPs reach Cloudflare and for some reason the SNI SSL handshake take time more than others.

they even Asked me if I have Cloudflare firewall log for this domain to check what firewall handled for these IPs.

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