Ipv4 visitors for ipv6 site

Cloudflare proxy ipv4 to ipv6 not working (i have AAAA Record on CF properly configured & proxy setting enabled. the address for “q.sbaber977.ml” AAAA record is 2001:470:1f18:3aa:381::9b64 )
I have the website http://r.sbaber977.ml working fine (test page) DNS pointing to same address…(only dns setting… -no proxied- .
I can access the webserver from outside of cloudflare trought ipv6… what mean webserver & ipv6 config is correct on the server…
the problem is on cloudflare network.

when i Browse to ( http://q.sbaber977.ml ) give me “error 522”…
when i Browse to ( http://[2001:470:1f18:3aa:381::9b64] ) show me the test webpage…
In cloudflare there are only one DNS record for “q.sbaber977.ml” it’s an AAAA record pointing to 2001:470:1f18:3aa:381::9b64 with proxy setting enabled.

what’s wrong ?

Neither r. nor the unproxied IP address work for me. So it’s unsurprising that Cloudflare is unable to connect to the IP address of q.

there are
third party services. like: http://www.ipv6proxy.net/
wich can reach the ipv6 website.

what can i do ?

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