IPv4 value issues

I recently switched my domain registration from Godaddy to Cloudflare. Since then I have been having email issues. Every day I get several emails with a zipped file containing a XMS report that shows that I have an SPF failure. The reports come from Yahoo, Google, AOL, Sbcglobal and ATT.net.

One clue may be an incorrect SPF record that points to Bluehost rather than my current host which is Hostgator. The IPv4 address is different from what I think it should be. Another clue may be that the A records displayed in Clourflare for my domain and ftp also point to the Bluehost IPv4 address.

I have not used Bluehost for more than 10 years so this is very confusing.

How do I fix this? Should I correct IPv4 value for SPF and for both A records?

Whatever you decide upon, Cloudflare will publish that TXT record as entered. I’d expect that Hostgator would know what that record should look like. It might even be in your Hostgator DNS records page for your domain.

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