IPV4 to IPV6 backend doesn't work

Hi everyone !

I’m creating a Minecraft server which is hosted by cloudflare. But people who are using IPV4 can’t reach my IPV6 routeur because my firewall is blocking any connection that uses IPV4 (and i can’t change that). I’m struggling with this issue since january ^^’ and i don’t find help about that. Is there a way to make that possible ? The AAAA record doesn’t work either.

Any idea ? Thanks in advance.

Cloudflare doesn’t host Minecraft servers, but it can proxy connections if you’re using Spectrum for Minecraft. It that what you’re using?

Does this mean that your DNS here has an IPv4 address for your minecraft server?

Sorry my bad, i’m using cloudflare in order to secure and proxy the connection to the server and to have a domain name. I created an AAAA record to the raspberry (the minecraft server host) which is hosted on IPV6 only and i can’t redirect IPV4 to this server because i dont have an IPV4 adress.

Don’t forget the first part of my reply. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy Minecraft unless you’re paying for that service.

Oh I didn’t know that. I didn’t pay for anything on cloudflare so I guess it will not work… thanks for the help !

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