IPv4 on custom pages only

Hello, I have a question about IPv4 on custom pages only.

I have IPv6 Compatibility set to on but I want to keep IPv4 on only 3 pages as they are chats.
I looked at “Page Rules / Then the settings are” but nothing in there to only allow IPv4.

Is this possible on a free account? Or at all without switching off " IPv6 Compatibility"?

Maybe force IPv4 first and if not found then let IPv6 address connect?

IPv4 vs v6 is a zone level setting. Unless you are an Enterprise customer using subdomain signup it’s not an option.

What is the driver for elimination of IPv6 for these hosts/services?

I have no idea where it is. Cloudflare keeps changing the UI. Kinda irritating.
It’s for community chat purposes as mentioned above.

For community chat purposes, in a single zone the setting is global (for an :orange: record).

For an individual zone the change is global… How to turn off Ipv6

So your pretty much telling me that there is no setting to force IPv4 on custom targeted pages?
Nothing provided is helpful.

The setting is zone / domain level.

zone/domain level Nope nowhere to be seen.

Yep, that is a global level of you are not an ENT customer with subdomain signup options and even then DNS happens before a particular path in a URL is processed. Cloudflare is unable to change how DNS works, hostname IP addresses happen at the host level, path never enters into the path level question/ answer.

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Uhh, so the Zone tab would be to the left nav pan if I was an ENT customer?

Wait DNS location? Forget it. Pointless looking around with my head cut off.
This guessing for location settings is getting on my nerves. I am out.

No. You would, if you paid for it as an Ent customer, have the ability to add a subdomain as a zone with its own set of settings. Left/top… no clue. A set of DNS records at the assigned level and below would be able to be managed on a specific set of parameters.

E.g foo.example.com and bar.example. Com could have different global setting for that node and any leaf nodes.

'l’ll just turn off IPv6 Compatibility" and move on.

Happy eyeballs means a small performance penalty WRT DNS lookups, but absent another compelling reason sure you can do that.

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