IPv4 for A name

Hey Guys, I would like to set the A name for my domain but what should I pass in the IPv4 field?

The address provided by your host.

sorry, could you be more specific here. I get domain from the godaddy and changes the nameservers which was provided by CF.
could you help me to find it? or where I can ask/check?

Sure, but more specific than what? You need to ask your host for that. They need to configure the server for that hostname and need to tell you which address you need to use for that hostname. Cloudflare cannot know that.

I see, so I should ask godaddy team about that one, correct?

You said you registered the domain with them. Do they also host your site?

I think I really new in this cases, I just bought it there and not sure about host. I really apologize for being annoying

You have a place where your content is hosted, right? That’s your host.

No, I this domain to set the correct CNAME, and it will be an alias to another one

I need this domain*

I am afraid this is not how a CNAME entry works.

What do you want to do with that domain?

my custom domain should be an alias to the specific another domain

Then you don’t set up an A entry, but a CNAME entry and point it to the hostname given to you by the host.

Yes, I already configured the CNAME on the settings but I need to have domain with 3 levels, like tracking. rocketcompany. com but for now I have like rocket company. com and in case to have it, looks like I need to add the A name also

I am sorry, but there seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation going on.

  1. There is no three levels, they probably refer to a hostname beneath the naked domain
  2. If you already have a CNAME entry set up, you don’t need anything else and actually CANNOT set up an additional A entry
  3. You probably need a CNAME entry instead of an A one

So just follow the instructions you received from that service provider and set up the necessary DNS entries and it should work. You will probably need it unproxied, so make sure it is :grey:.

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