Iptables question: how many to add?

In this article on iptables, it says add “one of the cloudflare ranges” listed at a link.

It doesn’t say whether you could or should add more than one range. Should we?

Also, we previously listed the ip ranges in a .conf file included in our nginx setup, with a list including lines like:

Is this no longer needed, if we use iptables?

You need to add all all the ranges, one range per ACCEPT line.

If you use IPTables then the nginx config is not needed.

If you subscribe to Argo, then Argo Tunnels is a better choice.

Thanks. They ought to be more clear about that in that article. The way it’s worded, it sounds like doing just one IPTable might be enough.

Do these ranges ever change? Does Cloudflare notify users if they do?

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