IPS Tags? Need Help!

Hello people!

I want to move from Godaddy to here! :smiley:

For some reason, I’m having issues with the name servers. I spoke to customer support at GoDaddy and they asked for an IPS tag.

If someone would be king enough to lend me some help on where I could find this. Thanks! :smiley: :blush:

You do not need to transfer your domain, you just need to change the Nameserver Record.

Here’s a guide to change Nameserver Record at GoDaddy:

You should change your nameserver to Cloudflare’s nameserver given to you when you add your website to your Cloudflare account.

But, if you’re an Enterprise customer, Cloudflare can also be your registrar, if you’re interested to read more about this:

If you wanted to sign up for Cloudflare Registrar, fill this form and a sales agent will contact you:


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I tried changing the name servers, it didn’t work…

Can you check the WHOIS record to see whether the nameserver listed is Cloudflare’s?

Since you mentioned IPS tag at your first post, I assume you are using .UK domain. If so, here’s the WHOIS address:


If the nameserver listed is Cloudflare’s, the DNS probably has not propagate yet. From my experience this can take up to 48 hours.

If the nameserver listed is not Cloudflare’s, you might want to contact GoDaddy Support for assistance in changing the nameserver.

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Hi Abdul, It should be as simple as going into DNS Settings in GoDaddy and changing the name servers to Cloudflare - Or just if you have not already i think you may have not even added the site through the default setup?

If It was the simple I wouldn’t be asking here, would I?

I get a message says “Domains must be in an eligible status”

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I found this over at GoDaddy Community


You might want to raise this issue with GoDaddy Support.

I did…And now they’ve asked me to ask for IPS tags for Cloudlflare…

An IPS tag is used by Nominet (the .UK registry) to define which registrar control the domain.

If you check your domain WHOIS record, your IPS tag should be GODADDY defining that the registrar of the record is GoDaddy, LLC.

They shouldn’t need Cloudflare IPS tag as they shouldn’t need to transfer the domain to Cloudflare Registrar in order to change the nameserver. Also, as I had said before Cloudflare Registrar is for Enterprise customer. If you interested you can contact the Sales Department.

EDIT: I just check Nominet Registrar list and Cloudflare is not listed there. Apparently, Cloudflare Registrar cannot control .UK domain.