Ips issue in dns cloudflare

We are facing some issue in Cloudflare for lead

If we enable proxy status for DNS record it will support for HTTPS and we are getting IPS from Cloudflare
We are getting IPS from this series
So we need to allow this range in GCP cloud Armour
We need to confirm with Cloudflare support team below points:

  1. Is thus mandatory to allow this range
  2. Is this IP range will change in the future
    Could you please help us on this?

If you mean, what IP addresses does Cloudflare connect to your origin from, it could be any of these…

If you mean the IP address returned when querying your domain from the DNS, then those too can and do change.

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Would they add any more ranges?

Is there ranges specific to a region?

We wanted to know whether we need to allow list all

Yes, you need to allow all. They are not region specific.

Changes to the list are rare (see the link I sent you for the history). I think any updates are emailed to the account owner, although I don’t recall getting one for the most recent. We track the IPs using the API anyway.

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