IPN not being received from payment provider


We use CCBill for payments, we have been testing the site with test Post requests to the website and they are not working when Cloudflare is enabled, but are working fine when paused. Please can you assist with this? CCBill mentioned that redirecting may be the problem. This is a follow on from (https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/requests/1633598)

The problem is that the IPN is not received at all on the website so the user is not created an account to access our website.

In order to replicate this you would need to access our payment provider account, then all you could really do is to get the same error from them as we have, but let me know if you still would need this taking that into account?

There are no errors from my end so a screenshot can not be provided, as mentioned the IPN is never received and there is definitely nothing in the server access logs.

Our payment provider has said the following -

If you are using Cloud Flare or any Load Balancer make sure that CloudFlare allows our posts to go right through without any redirects.

Thanks v much for your help.


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