IPMI Exposed via Cloudflare Tunnel Continuously Times Out

I have a SuperMicro X12dpi-N6 motherboard system that is currently running Ubuntu 22.04 Server. In order to support remote maintenance, I configured a cloudflare tunnel that would allow me to access the IPMI site remotely (we do not use the default credentials). cloudflared is running on a separate machine and has not given us any issues with the tunnels that it is running. No TLS Verify was enabled for this tunnel.

However, when I attempt to login, I repeatedly get the following error that blocks me from accessing the site and forces me to attempt to login again.

Your session has timed out. You will need to open a new session.

After speaking with the SuperMicro support team, I was advised to turnoff session timeout.

But after making this change, I continued to run into the session issues. Is it possible that this is due to a TLS/SSL issue? How can I make it so that I can access the IPMI interface remotely via a cloudflare tunnel?

Most recently, I generated a new certificate for the tunnel, but that did not seem to solve the issue.