iPhone keeps reconnecting and is unable to connect


I am unable to connect to a Zero Trust WARP from my iPhone (from Windows the connection works fine). Simply, the toggle button keeps turning on and off, and the VPN in top left corner appears and disappears. I am able to use the consumer WARP just fine without any issues.

I have uploaded the diagnostic logs here: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

We are able to reproduce this on other iOS devices as well… Has anyone experiences this issue?

It seems like it is caused by Managed Network detection, which, when removed works perfectly fine. I understand the feature is in beta, but writing this to raise awarness.

Do you have the issue via Wi-Fi and cellular network?

This happens both on Wi-Fi and Cellular as well.

Partially managed to work around the issue - Configuring Cloudflare One to access multiple customer environments - Honza’s Blarg

But would be great to have someone from Cloudflare to chime in on this, as it seems like a bug.

I am suffering the same issue with my iPhones, but, in my case, this issue just happened
when they are connected using my home WIFI, because I setup managed networks with the proper fingerprint (using the ISP router SSL fingerprint).

Computers (Laptop, Workstations, etc) are working fine, but iPhone is attempting a connections (keeps connecting and disconnecting) for long period, some times a connections is achieved, other times it is not.

If I remove the managed networks onto the portal, the phones are working fine and connect with the first attempt.

But, I cannot avoid using the managed networks because I need my devices to detect when they are at home and when not.

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I’m seeing this as well. Whenever an ios device connects to my managed network, it enters a connecting/disconnecting loop


I’m seeing this issue; would like to deploy to a bunch of iPhones.

Anyone have any insight into when we may see a resolution for this?

So the reconnects are now gone, but the split tunnel along with managed network detection is pretty much broken… :frowning:

Basically the route is added to my iPhone despites the managed network not being detected…