iPhone does not change Warp client profile settings

I detected my iPhones do not change Warp client profile settings when the connection media changes.

I have setup two profiles (and Default as well), in the next order:

At Home: This profile has setup a managed network, pointing to ISP router by :443 (https) and I got the fingerprint of router with the next command:
openssl s_client -connect :443 | openssl x509 -fingerprint -noout -sha256 -inform pem | tr -d :

IPhone: This profile only has configured a condition by operative system (iOS) to apply the settings.

Default: it is the outdoor policy.

The idea is… my devices are using a specific configuration when they are at home and the phones get a different configuration when they are outdoor by the “IPhone” profile. Rest devices apply “Default” profile when outdoor.

Well, Laptops and Workstations change the profile depending on used connection media, but iPhone never changes, always keeps the first profile, indoor, outdoor, wherever it is connecting.

Even, I created different profiles for testing purposes, and the results were the same, Warp Client on iPhone only works with the first configured profile in the Devices settings → Profile settings list.

Also, When iPhones are connected on my home wifi, they are connecting and disconnecting for long time because of managed network, sometimes the connections is achieved and others it’s not. If I delete the managed network, iPhone get a connection in the first attempt, but always using the first profile, although the conditions are not applying.

Any ideas to fix it?


Best bet is to report this to the WARP developers directly as they’ll have helpful debug information along with your report if you tap the bug :wbug: icon and tell them.

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