iPhone and iPad users affected by invalid form key error

I use the Magento 2 CMS. It’s known for displaying an error to all browsers/devices “(Invalid Form Key”) if the web server PHP value of max_input_vars is too low.

For some reason, after implementing Cloudflare, all iPhone and iPad Devices see this error. It cannot be recreated on an Apple Computer, Windows PC or Android Devices.

Is there some setting in Cloudflare that I can tweak/enable/disable that would result in solving the issue with these 2 Apple Module Devices?

Is there some cache configured on Magento 2? (possible Varnish?)

What is the domain name?

Have you increased the value for max_input_vars and restarted PHP as you suggested?

Is the controller path correct?

Any errors at the origin/host (error.log)? using Apache or Nginx?

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