IPFS + WebRedirects

I miss the ability to configure WebRedirects (HTTP codes: 301, 302, 307, 308) for static sites hosted on cloudflare-ipfs.com.

  1. You can’t use page rules on cloudflare-ipfs because of orange-to-orange problem.
  2. IPFS http gateway has on builtin support for web redirects. I asked what is the best approach to implementing it here: https://discuss.ipfs.io/t/approach-to-implementing-web-redirects-in-ipfs-gateway/6396.

The request is about supporting WebRedirects on cloudflare-ipfs by resolving problems 1) or 2).
I would be happy with the second (no vendor lock in + would work on other gateways too), great opportunity for CloudFlrare to invest into IPFS.


Hi @ilyaigpetrov,

This is something we are working on as part of our Private beta.
Regarding a native support for IPFS gateways, you can follow the work being done on go-ipfs.