Ipfs static page redirect http->https


I would like to enable http → https redirect for the ipfs static page.
Is it possible to enable proxied DNS for the cloudflare ipfs gateway CNAME?

Thanks for help.

Hi @user18158,

You can’t proxy IPFS or use O2O on it so you won’t be able to use your own dashboard settings.

If you post your domain, @thibault1 can usually get Always Use HTTPS enabled.

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the domains are dev.pwn.finance and staging.pwn.finance thanks @thibault1 !

@user18158 done.

Thanks! is it possible to see the settings somewhere in the admin? Or it is just internal stuff? Because I’ve set a redirect rules before, especially Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: On so do they have an impact on it or should be deleted? :slight_smile:

As of now, it’s all internal. So these rules can be deleted.

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