IPFS gateway returning stale & broken site after TXT record update

I have a website hosted via cloudflare-ipfs. It has been working fine until I updated the TXT record yesterday to point to an updated version of the site. It now returns a stale / broken version of the site. Anyone know if this is a known issue and / or how to fix this?


  1. The site is: https://www.nftpolygon.com
  2. TXT record “_dnslink.www” points to “dnslink=/ipfs/QmRKt87E3tNZiDZgrkPto7iocYcFuzjE6YzUrtMPVYqwx6”
  3. When navigating to the above site, it seems to return an older version that is inconsistent (it complains that js files are not found). Specifically, it’s returning a version corresponding to this IPFS hash: “QmV3cbt4NoitpEmU8PhLPwBwcf31oU6H9b3nCaNifckGFi”
  4. Navigating to the current site directly via gateway works fine: The NFT Canvas Project (current site directly via cloud-flare ipfs - works fine)
  5. What’s more interesting is that, navigating to the stale site directly via the cloudflare-ipfs gateway also returns a working (consistent) version of the older site: The NFT Canvas Project (old site directly via cloudflare-ipfs - works fine)

Based on the above, there seems to be some kind of inconsistency with the ipfs gateway or how it resolves the ipfs hash from the TXT record.

I tried to recreate the TXT (& CNAME) records to no avail - still hitting the same issue.


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