IPFS Gateway code 403 on every video

Hello, i’m using cloudflare IPFS gateway for a digital art gallery where i have images and video but for every video i get a 403 code. Does it mean video are now allowed?

Might be related to this:


It’s resolved now, so see if it’s still happening to you.

But, otherwise. CF does have a general provision against hosting videos so they might limit what IPFS content is proxied in the future - I don’t think there’s any official word on this yet, though.

Thanks for the answer, i still have the issue and it seem that video are simply not allowed.

If i go to the direct link on CF IPFS gateway i get a “ipfs: video streaming is not allowed”

Interesting, didn’t realize that was disallowed - given that it’s specifically giving you that error, I don’t think there’s anything we can do here. I’ll refer back to this in case anyone else has the problem.

Yes ill just go with infura for video and CF for images for the caching advantage then. Image from CF IPFS gsteway are cached right?