IPFS and Cloudflare subdomains, CNAME Cross-User Banned

Hi there.

I’m trying to link some IPFS content to a subdomain,
it seems easy but I can’t get it to work.

The web-page gives me “Error 1014 - CNAME Cross-User Banned”.
I configured it similar to this:

CNAME   my-subdomain                cloudflare-ipfs.com
TXT     _contenthash.my-subdomain   ipfs://my-cid

Any suggestion?

You probably have a CNAME that’s set to :orange:, and that CNAME points to another URL that’s already using Cloudflare. Set your CNAME to :grey: and see if that helps. If that’s working, you can verify Cloudflare is still active by using your browser’s Dev Tools to examine the Response Headers for some of the CF headers.

I have only one CNAME and it’s the subdomain that I’m trying to configure

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