IP Whitelisting issue : Cloudflare is killing my business

Hello guys,

I’ve created a SAS to help agencies and freelancers to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single place. We use the REST API of WordPress to allow people updating their websites, directly from our dashboard. We have a fix IP adresse that our user can whitelist in Cloudflare.

This was working well.

We woke up this morning with so many support ticket and churn: our IP ( is being blocked (despited being perfectly whitelisted).

I’ve the feeling that Cloudflare is killing my business - and I wonder what to do…?

Thank for your help…

How about adding the origin host/server IP to the Security → Tools → IP Access Rules? :thinking:

Our users have done it and send us screenshots, but still complain that Cloudflare keeps blocking the service…!

Do you have a screenshot of one of the blocks? All of the details appear under the Firewall Activity Log of their zone.

Cloudflare’s Bot Fight Mode could block your requests since it’s automated traffic.

If it was whitelisted properly then you wouldn’t be hitting that though, so it sounds like it might not have been added into their IP Access Rules properly.

Here you go! Thank you for your help guys!

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