Ip showing instead of domain, how do i make it show the domain?

hi guys, i bought a domain and linked it using a nameserver but the ip is showing in the url when you put the domain in instead of the domain.

pretty much i am just wondering how to make it so my domain name shows instead of the ip address


You’ll need to configure your website/application to use the domain instead of the IP.

If this is a WordPress site, see this: How to Change Your WordPress Site URLs (Step by Step)

yeah im unsure how to do it, im using wamp to run it and have it linked to my routers ip so im still a little lost

As I mentioned earlier, you need to configure your website software to use the domain name. It seems Cloudflare is correctly resolving the domain name to the origin server’s IP address. What happens beyond this point is entirely up to you.

What’s the domain in question?

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Beardsandbobs.com is the domain im trying to set up, ill have a look into how to set it up to use the domain instead of the ip

yeah i had a look and changed it to show the domain instead appreciate the help man


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