IP Server Error

Hi, we have an issue with our website: https://demodea.com/.
It was working fine until yesterday. We have the correct DNS and Nameserver, but it seems to point on another hosting and not in the correct hosting with our website.
The dns, a, cname and mx record are correct in the Cloudflare cpanel, but it seems to point on another ip address. We called godaddy (our hosting provider) and tell us that is a cloudflare issue.
This is a very big problem, because it could happen with every other website.

Hi @pramawebagency,

The page reading “Future home of something quite cool” is the default landing page from the cPanel server. If you’re seeing this error on your site, it means your origin web server is not configured to display your site over port 443, so instead they are showing the default landing page. You should ask your hosting provider to setup your site to work over port 443.

For other troubleshooting ideas and more details on the error “Future home of something quite cool”, see this Community Tip.

Hi, thank for your help. We solved our issue by adding a self signed certicate on the cpanel in godaddy. We create a Certificates (CRT) and installed on the cpanel. Now we can see our website. Thanks

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