IP Rules - Why challenge European countries?

Looking for some advice from Cloudflare users.
When my mailing service recently stopped sending out my rss site feeds, I noted that my developer ( now long gone) created ‘challenge’ actions in IP Rules for several European countries. Germany, Italy, Spain etc.
The obvious ones like Russian and China I get, but why European countries?
Do these challenge action mean that human visitors from these countries face a captcha box when clicking on our website? It’s bound to be affecting my SEO.
Do Cloudflare users have a list of recommended countries to create these rules for?
The mailing service IP moved to google cloud servers based in Germany and their servers get faced with a ‘captcha’ question.
When I check ‘allow’ for Germany, the site feed validates once more. I tried creating an allow rule for just their ip address, but that alone didn’t do the trick. I need to check ‘allow’ for the country.

I’m going guess it’s GDPR-related. If your dev used Firewall -> Tools, then you’ll have to remove the Germany entry.

Now Cloudflare offers “Firewall Rules” which is an easier way to control and limit access.

thanks for that.
I already have my little GDPR cookie plugin pop up for visitors to check through and control. Is that not enough? Do the firewall rules allow me to challenge or block bots, but allow human visitors?
My instinct is to remove all the European challenge rules in the IP Rules, all except for the bad bot countries like China and Russia

If you’re satisfied with what you’re already doing for GDPR and can’t think of any other reason Euros are blocked, then go ahead and open it back up.

cheers for that. Do the new firewall rules allow me more control over what I block from countries?
The mailing server was being treated like it was a human - with a captcha box!

Absolutely. They’re awesome!

that’s great, many thanks

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