IP Rule Changed my IP now Locked Out


I set a rule for my former IP Address but didn’t make my IP Address Static So Now I’ve Moved From Texas To Florida and no longer have my old IP Address. Which means now I cannot log into my Cloudflare account.

I did give Cloudflare permission to change settings because I had a feeling I’d make a stupid mistake like this. I have very limited entry level knowledge of networking administration.(Just Saying if explaining please offer step by step).

My question is the following:

  1. How can I make my Android IP set static to my old IP address? Is this even the safest or reasonable solution?(My cell phone IP for now, but how about my network?)

  2. Can Cloudflare just remove the rule I made? Who do I talk to about this? (Honestly, I’d prefer this solution. However, with step 1 I don’t need to reconfigure my entire network)

  3. If neither of those are the best solution for logging off my account. What do you suggest?

Thank you for any assistance!

Where did you set this rule?

  1. There’s no way to set your IP address to the one in Texas since you’re not using using that connection any more.
  2. That depends on which rule you’re talking about.
  3. You’d contact Support, but I don’t think we have enough information yet to suggest a course of action.

I see a rule inside Cloudflare. No Lie, I had no idea what I was doing. But I remembered thinking, for now I didn’t want anyone but me to be able to access my server.

To answer your question directly, I’m a goof ball that locked myself out of my server by making a rule inside of Cloudflare. I set a rule that only allows my IP Address To Log In.

When I click on “support” or “contact us” it takes me to the same useless page that is a Q&A.(Okay, probably NOT useless but it isn’t helping this situation). Could You Provide A link to emailing, calling, or live messenger support?

Okay, I think I messed up on my last post, for I do not see it. Anyway, let me try again in case.

Inside of Cloudflare I set a rule that only my old IP address can access the server since I’m setting up and no one else needs access.

I’m totally new to cloud flare, so was testing the rule functionality; it works too perfection. To good lol

Where can I find a direct contact to Cloudflare customer support?

All links I click on takes me directly to Q&A and cannot find their support. That’s why I’m here, but looks like it is out of your hands. I do appreciate your comments! Thank you!

This is probably in the Firewall section. Either Tools or Firewall Rules. You still have dashboard access, right?

If you’re on a Business or Enterprise Plan, there’s a Live Chat option.

I made a rule inside Cloudflare that only asked
Allows my old IP address. I moved states and now can’t login.

Can someone give me a direct link to contact support directly?

Here are the support levels by plan:

Which plan are you on?

And no, I can’t login because the rule for logging in has been set to where only 192.168.x.x:xxxx can access it.

I am new to Cloudflare and well server setup in general . I was supposed to set 192.168.x.x:xxxx as my static address but thought I could do this after I moved since it was sudden, short window, and had no time to do it before.

Free plan

192.168 is not a public IP address. That’s internal only and would never make an outside connection to log into Cloudflare.

What’s the URL you’re trying to log into? Is it at cloudflare.com, or is it at your own domain?

Yes, I’m trying to log into Cloudflare.com

Yes, it is a personal IP address from a home network I am trying to set up myself. I’m A programmer, and thought network adminstration was supposed to be easy lol

This is my 1st home network I’ve tried to configure as well as server. So forgive me for the lack of insight within my questioning.I am trying and I do appreciate your time!

Can you post a screenshot of the error when you try to log into dash.cloudflare.com?

Yes, one moment please.

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It will not login, just blink the 3 dots after submitting (3 dots inside the submit button that can faintly be seen here.

I don’t think you’re locked out. It looks like it’s just stuck at login. The blue “Login” button looks like it’s stuck on the three dots.

Can you try a different browser or different device?


I can try edge, this is chrome. I’ll try that now.

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Switching to edge actually worked! Hey bro, I thank you for that! Sincerely, I’m gracious!


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