Ip range update

can the ip range document please be verified it’s up to date - assuming it is please can the article be updated

appears support tickets now redirect here



There’s a last updated timestamp - do you have any reason to assume that it isn’t up-to-date at the moment?

its good practice to verify as this timestamp is now over a year old

but to your question - yes i had found a disrepency between some acls I have responsibility for so I prefer to trust but verify

It’s up to date. The change last April was pretty well-known when it happened. A lot of people watch that list like a hawk.

It sounds like those ACLs need to be updated.

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Precisely, and exactly why wanted confirmation this list is 100% accurate as of 2022 - If there is an update comment on the KB I would not need to ask.

Not sure what the update should say. The last modified date is pretty clear, isn’t it? You can certainly ask for the sake of asking, but that does not change the fact that the page clearly says when that data was last changed.

Perhaps the exact same message that was put in oct 2020 when there was a gap of similar fashion between updates.

But I think the responses here tell everyone what we need to know so thank you very much - you have been most helpful. :slight_smile: