IP Range. How to block?

Hi. I’m being spammed by an IP range but am a beginner when it comes to IPs/blocking. The IP is -


How do I block these? Thanks very much in advance!

You can create a Firewall Rule with a CIDR of xxx.xxx.xxx.0/24 that will block all of xxx.xxx.xxx.???

(ip.src in {})

Thanks so much for the response.

So to block 64.124.8.xx I would do And that would block for example? Also may I ask why is it /24? Again thank you very much!

Would be:

Helpful link:

  1. Enter starting IP
  2. Enter ending IP

  1. Get IP ranges

At Cloudflare dashboard → WAF → Firewall Rules:


  • (ip.src in {})

In picture:


Amazing thank you so much. Really helped me out!!

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You could save yourself a rule and just block at ASN level as over time you will want to block many many IP’s / ASNs

  1. Lookup the ASN for the IP address you are wanting to block,, on ipinfo.io, IP Address Details - IPinfo.io = AS209366 - SEMrush CY LTD
  2. Security, WAF, Tools, AS209366, Block, All websites in account, Name in Notes & Add
    This blocks at account level so all your sites get the same protection

Thanks Paul.

The main one I was having issues with was 64.124.8.xx which I believe is above. net? So the method you mentioned would work exactly the same for their IP range?

Yes: AS36321 - Castle Global Inc. covers the range

You can also check ( Castle Global ) Fraud Risk which gives a good idea of how bad an IP / ASN is

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