IP range for my mail system

I have recently added my website to cloudflare after doing that Im unable to receive emails from my website my zo accounts due to ip problem and zoho is rejecting them due to ther spoofing policy, I need help with the correct ip range from cloudflare that starts with 192 can anyone provide me a proper ip range for my mail system.

Cloudflare is not involved at all with mail processing, other than publishing the DNS records as entered.

It sounds like your SPF record is not correct. Ultimately, SPF tells the receiving server which IP addresses are allowed to send mail from your domain, but mail does not come through Cloudflare IP addresses.

This information should come from the mail admin who hosts your domain.

I asked my mail provider that is zoho but they said your ip keeps on changing so provide an unique ip range so we can add it to SPF record so you get your mails

Cloudflare’s IP address range should never show up in an SPF record.

But if you’re asking for the 192 range from Cloudflare, they don’t have any:

If any old timers are wondering if that might have been from the old list before the recent update, here’s the list from almost three years ago:

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