IP range can't access multiple websites

I have an IP range /23 and I can’t access multiple websites protected by Cloudflare. Is it possible that Cloudflare blocks my IP range?
I can ping the sites, the DNS resolves.
Is there a way to allowlist my IP range? Any suggestions?

These sites may have blocked you and you would need to contact them for further details.

Can you post a screenshot of the message you get when you visit them? Can you visit sitemeer.com without issues?

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This is happening on too many websites and it keeps loading forever when I access the sites. Sometimes I get “This site can’t be reached” ERR_TIMED_OUT

This is happening for 2 weeks and there are times when I can access these websites with no problem and times when I can’t access them for hours.

That error is not a Cloudflare error, so these sites won’t have blocked you. That’s a network issue and my guess would be you are resolving that to a 188 address, which is known for network issues

It’s not quite clear if that is a routing issue on your ISP’s side or a Cloudflare related issue, but the official position is what was posted in that article.

Maybe try to contact your ISP and clarify if they have any routing issues.

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