IP Range 188.114.97.* not serving in Egypt

Is there anyway to force CF to give out new IP ranges to a domain/service proxying through them? literally another domain on the same host is working fine as it is using another CF IP range.

It seems that’s a general problem in Egypt. 2 of my websites have the same issue. Also, it can be reached from 4G which is weird.
I found many users experiencing the same issue on FB, they informed me that they’re using CF too.

For a temporary solution, use WARP until we get a response from CF support.

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Thank a lot for your time and effort! Legend! Will try out and hope it works :pray:

Does anyone have a support ticket open for this or are you all on the Free plan?

If you don’t, please share some more diagnostic data such as traceroutes so this issue can be looked into.

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I Have the same issue trying to access my company domain (play.ht) using WE ISP in Egypt.

but after changing my DNS from google to Cloudflare site works for me!

I can confirm is not resolving for me in Egypt. (WE ISP, Google DNS)

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On free plan unfortunately. Still same issue and same traceroute result as the others in the thread.

But we cant force all the visitors to use CF’s DNS :confused:

yeah sure that’s not a solution, even after changing my DNS to Cloudflare websites sometimes work and sometimes dosn’t, it’s not stable


I just cant believe CF doesnt see it and give us any other IP range, even just for Europe servers which visitors from Egypt mainly use to resolve :man_facepalming:

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Do not, the advice suggested in the reply to this topic is not correct, moreover it can be viewed as a violation and you end up with a suspended account.


any update ?

Recently, There are alot of websites using Cloudflare are not working in Egypt, Once I edited DNS to bypass directly to server IPs , it worked well.

Or if I used a VPN, it works too.
The issue happened when the domain is using Cloudflare and bypass via CF IPs.
When I ping it, It resolves that IP “,”, and all results are “Request timed out”.
Many sites around the world has the same issue in Egypt, not all sites, but many sites.
our sites can be baypass directly to servers, but others?!

I think the issue is some IPs are blocked in Egypt, like the IP I mentioned.

Please advise.

This is something that appears to be going on

There really isn’t anything that Cloudflare can do. It is up to ISPs to connect to Cloudflare.

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Same issue, solusion i remove domain clouflare, and my webiste working

I hope Cloudflare will fix this soon. This is the worse I’ve seen it in years. It’s been a intermittent issue in Egypt, usually lasting only a few hours or days, but this time it’s been on-going for over a week!

I hope Cloudflare will fix this ASAP before too many more complains push customers off Cloudflare.

The issue is so easy to fix that I am totally bewilder as to what they are doing?! It’s like they aren’t even trying to fix it, there isn’t even a notice on the Cloudflare Status page yet.


any update here ?

Same here for my 3 websites … any updates ?