IP Range 188.114.97.* not serving in Egypt


I have issue serving my application from IPs 188.114.97.* in egypt.

can any one help?


Update : is working is not working

update : is not woking

From my observation over the last couple of years, Cloudflare intermittently has issues in Egypt requiring you to turn off the automatic IP assigned by :orange: and manually set Cloudflare IPs on your DNS with IPs that actually work.

Although above can let you fix the connection issues between your site users and Cloudflare, you’re then going to have an issue with Cloudflare reverse proxying to your origin because the :grey: with manual entry of Cloudflare IPs. The solution to overcome that is to then creating another record in your DNS for the origin server IP and then use ResolveOverride to route the traffic in your domain to the IP of the origin server.

Ideally Cloudflare would have sufficient monitoring systems in place to detect such issues and automatically update the DNS of :orange: IPs.

Same problem. It does not work on WE ISP, but works on other ISPs. When I change the DNS server to it also works normally.

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Same problem, anyone figured it out? IP are all the same across the globe except in Europe (which Egypt mainly uses to resolve as far as I know)

Is there anyway to force CF to give out new IP ranges to a domain/service proxying through them? literally another domain on the same host is working fine as it is using another CF IP range.

It seems that’s a general problem in Egypt. 2 of my websites have the same issue. Also, it can be reached from 4G which is weird.
I found many users experiencing the same issue on FB, they informed me that they’re using CF too.

For a temporary solution, use WARP until we get a response from CF support.

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Asking your users to install WARP to access Cloudflare protected sites in Egypt is not a temporary solution; most users will just abandon your site and won’t take the effort to try contact the site owners for support accessing.

I’m sorry to tell you but that probably won’t happen. This issue has been ongoing intermittently for at least 2 years.

No but yes. You can’t press any button in Cloudflare to make them rotate your :orange: IP’s but you can manually change the IP’s as I’ve said in a few posts up.

Maybe people aren’t understanding my post so I’ll explain now with an example to help you understand.

Step 1, find the Cloudflare IP’s you want to use. Can do this by searching the DNS of another domain using Cloudflare. For this example I’ll use which is just one of the IP’s from A cdnjs.com

Step 2, update your DNS in Cloudflare.
Add the IP(s) for your Cloudflare as :grey: unproxied. And create a new DNS entry for your origin server; make sure your origin DNS entry is :orange: proxied to avoid leaking your IP.

Step 3, create a Cloudflare Worker to tie together the traffic on Cloudflare IP to your Origin IP.

Step 4, add the Worker Routes.

Once steps 1-4 have been completed then you can test with different IP’s to find better performance and optimise which Cloudflare POP’s your users are connecting to on different ISPs.

This is also great for India and China for improving users performance connecting to Cloudflare.

For India sometimes the users ISP will send the traffic outside the country having slow speeds and high latency; changing the IPs they connect on can more often connect them to domestic datacenters.

For China this can also be helpful where 104.x IP’s are sometimes blocked and requires changing in order for your customers in China to actually connect.

For Egypt this is useful as per the exact issue this thread is about.


Thank a lot for your time and effort! Legend! Will try out and hope it works :pray: