?IP protection


Does IP protection look like an antivirus?

thanks of you

Kindly, could you describe it more precisely what do you mean?

Is it about IP Access Rules?
Or about using DNS?
Or about Cloudflare WARP?
Or about recent blog post here?:

Article below could help you to figure out how to provide more information so we could at least try to give some positive answer to your topic or find a solution for your issue :slight_smile:

So shut down the internet
Look for the answer to the question in the question and find another answer
I do not have extra time to do this, I do not ask that your time be taken anymore

So I assume you are a paying customer at Cloudflare and do have some active subscriptions?
Because if you do not pay for support you do not get active support, specially if you are rude and are not willing to educate yourself by reading.

The community can help you if you are able to describe your problem or your question exactly. Then we can help you by showing you a tutorial which is pointing you into the right direction. And if you are nice and polite we can also help you more then just pointing to documentations