Ip Protection

Hi , i need help with this i have some time searching this and didnt found answers yet , I have a local game server and i want to protect my ip from ddos and dos that attack me , dont know if they are atacking me directly from my ip , but i need to protect it from atacks , i realise that they are atacking me when i have paquet loss … pls if someone know something about this pls tell me .

You’ll most likely need an expensive plan for that. What port is it running on?

27015 - 27015 , But when they atack my port 80 that affect my web pages and the people in the game server experiment lag

You can use Cloudflare to protect the website (it should be Port 443 with HTTPS), but those game ports will still be unprotected. You would need a very expensive Enterprise plan to protect Port 27015.

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