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For my site to work with redundancy, I hired two internet in different companies. Each of them gave me a fixed ip. In type A, I put the two IPs one in each record. How do I set one of them as preferred?


DNS doesn’t do that. Before anyone can offer guidance, we are going to need a better idea of what you want to do.

When you say your “site” do mean a physical location or a web site?

Can you step back a little further from your initial question and provide a more detailed explanation of what you wish to achieve.

I know it sounds a bit like a mantra in many of my replies, but I find it easier to arrive at a viable solution when I understand the outcome.

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Good afternoon,
Today I have a server to which I have a website hosted. In Cloudflare in Regitro type A a fixed ip of a company. To obtain redundancy, in case there is a drop in the first internet provider, we hire another internet with another fixed ip. When one falls, the other takes over. That would be the idea.

I hope I explained it better.


You should look at a load balancing solution which Cloudflare does offer using failover. However if the IPs point to the same host the value is minimal at best. If it really is different providers the. Yes, use load balancing.

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