IP outside location

Hello friends. I have a big problem. I hope that someone can help me or give a tip. We have a company in Germany and regularly advertise on Google Ads. The industry we are in is under attack from black sharp. I had daily ads cost over 500€ without a conversion and it came over whole world users that are irrelevant. My daily budget was exhausted because of this and thankfully we have solved this with clickcease. I don’t know if you have a better alternative for clickcease, then please tell me. Now clickcease blocks outside IP automatically. Also, as soon as I turn on Google Ads, someone from Berlin comes to our site and then nothing works anymore advertising is not displayed. The user from Berlin knows EXACTLY when I turn on advertising. (Is he notified? Is there maybe a program for that?) He is always the first on the page and stays there until I turn off ads again. Can Cloudflare find unwanted IP’s and block them immediately? or Would anyone have done anything differently? Should I always leave “Under Attack Mode” on. I would have many other questions but I think if you help me for this I would be helped. Thank you very much. with kind regards from Germany. (translation used. sorry for that)