IP on login added to access rules (dynamic ip issues)

I have noticed that under the firewall tab there is a list of whitelisted ips for the website. This list is 235 entries long in my case although I never added a single entry to this list. It seems that Cloudflare automatically adds the ip from where i login to this list. This would be fine if the ip would be deleted after 24h or so.

I will get a new dynamic ip every day and my ip will get back to my providers pool so it may be possible for a lucky attacker with an ip I once had to attack my site because it is whitelisted.

I also don’t fancy deleting all 235 entries.

Is there some setting I can’t find to turn this off?

Thanks in advance.

Is there nobody that can help?

Honestly, I’d open a support ticket for this case -> https://support.cloudflare.com/requests/new