IP not pointing correctly

My domain is mydnsweb.com and i have some child name servers like ns3 and ns4 which is pointed to But when i use the name servers to another domains like, sahabalkhairuae.com, its showing another or old ips. So how can i flush this cache issue.

If the recursive DNS provider has an option for you to request a cache purge DNS server caching the old value you’d clear the cache there, otherwise the TTL has to expire. e.g. if you’re using Googles DNS servers to resolve hosts on the internet you’d use this form: Flush Cache  |  Public DNS  |  Google for Developers

If you use your local ISPs DNS servers you’d need to talk to them.

Its done now. still its showing old ip in intodns.com and the website is still down due to DNS error.

ns3 and ns4 resolve to the correct new IP address when queried from Cloudflare. So Cloudflare is providing the correct answer when queried. The issue is that anyone querying a DNS server which has a previously cached response will continue to provide the old answer until the cache expires. It isn’t a Cloudflare issue or even an issue with the caching providers, it’s how DNS works.

In a vacuum if someone had asked me how to change the IP address of a server which was providing DNS for other zones, my answer would be “you don’t”. To do this properly you either need to rotate to new nameservers (nsx and nsy), dual home (multiple IPs for the same server) for a period of time or run both the old server on the old IP and the new server until queries die off to the old one.

Since there appears to have been an abrupt change and the old server is no longer listening, there will very likely be some continued downtime until DNS servers with cached responses requery for the updated information.


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