IP lookup and block unknown browsers and operating systems

Hello Community,

1- Is it possible to block traffic depending on the IP lookup ( Usage Type or Network type) such as DataCenter/ Web hosting/Transit/Tor. If it’s possible in Cloudflare which account type we need Pro/Business/Enterprise.

2- We have a lot of requests to our domain from Unknown Browsers. And Unknown Source operating systems

Is allowing BIC verification in ~Security->settings->Browser Integrity Check. Will block such requests.

3-Is it possible add such filter :

Allow Human* and add for Likely Human a Interactive Challenge

And block Likely Automated. And Automated.

And which account type to do so.

PS: added 1 photo for all my questions, as new user can’t upload more than one media into the post.

Thanks in advance

You can block Tor as a country in the WAF.

Identifying the network type isn’t something Cloudflare’s geo-ip headers pass (Cloudflare uses Maxmind for geo-ip information, but doesn’t pass this). I use ipdata.co for the same but no longer use most of the flags in there to filter as I’ve moved over to challenging lists of ASNs with the WAF since moving to Cloudflare plus using the Cloudflare API to dynamically update rules when we detect a bad ASN at the origins.

You can use the CF Workers and send IP to 3rd party API such as IP2Location.io. It has usage type and network type flags and you can block traffics using WAF.

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