Ip login issue

IP not working. Please help me with the login process.

What is this IP? How is it related to Cloudflare’s services? Being an internal IP (RFC1819), it is not accessible over the Internet, so there shouldn’t be any connection between this IP and Cloudflare…

It will be more helpful if you could write what is it that you’re trying to do, what do you expect the result to be, and what is the actual result (perhaps providing a screenshot to show it)

i have been trying to solve out this issue and meanwhile i have searched for solution in alot of forums, So just gave it a try over here. It may not be related to Cloudflare and hence i posted it in the general discussions. Thankyou for your time.

I am sorry but you have not added anything regarding the issue except for the fact that you’re trying to solve it. Without an explanation of what the actual issue IS, I’m pretty sure nobody can help you…

i have read that the ip helps you change your existing router settings. So i was trying to login into it to change my router settings.

That’s something to ask your vendor for, or in other forums related to your router model, or general router questions. Sorry.

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Usually routers’ IP end with .1, not .4, if that helps.

You could find out what’s your router IP by running the ‘ipconfig’ command (assuming you’re running Windows) and looking for the IP under “Default Gateway”. Then, whatever MarkMeyer said.

okie this was helpful, Thankyou.