IP location changed to US embargoed after using


After using Cloudflare 1111 my IP address is marked as located in the “Kostyantynivka, Donetsk Oblast” region of Ukraine (when using GeoIP), which is subject to US Trade Law embargoes due to the ongoing invasion of Russia into Ukraine and the classification of the entire region, so now I cannot connect to gitlab (protected by Cloudflare), and udemy without using VPN service.

Not aware of any way using would cause that. Seems like a spurious correlation.

My IP location sometimes changes when Cloudflare WARP is enabled, IP address remains the same.

When using Warp the IP address presented to websites becomes a Cloudflare edge IP address from the connected colo. Warp does not provide a mechanism to select a specific colo.

It’s unclear from your message that Warp is the issue here. If you can’t connect to a site without another VPN enabled your IP is classified as being in that region. Warp isn’t the cause of that classification.

Cloudflare uses a 3rd party service called MaxMind for geo-location data. Submit GeoIP Data Corrections | MaxMind

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