IP listed as Criminal IP

Norton Antivirus is blocking access to a website. I’ve found out that the IP address the domain points to is flagged as phishing, and with Norton Antivirus, the site cannot be visited. Please help.
my domain: prezentzgrawerem.com

Hello. Criminal IP is just the service’s name, the service has problem with your site itself and not Cloudflare’s IPs. For more info run a search for your domain on www.criminalip.io. If you can’t fix the problems they are showing by yourself, you could try to get in touch with their support.


I’m wondering how it’s possible that my site, which went live on February 10th and has never hosted any malware or phishing content, could be blocklisted. It’s simply an e-commerce store built on Laravel (Bagisto). Is it possible that a competitor reported my site, leading to its addition to the blocklist without proper verification?