IP leakage

I appreciate if someone can help me understand the below issue I find:

  1. Bob register a new account and add domain abc.com → add 10 DNS A records
  2. Alice register a new account and try to add domain abc.com

Alice will see all the DNS records Bob add, which means all the 10 DNS records are exposed to Alice.

How to solve this?

Not likely, unless Bob is exposing IP addresses. You’re certainly welcome to try it with sitemeer.com. I’m quite confident you won’t see the IP address of @sandro’s server.

Hi, I have tried some of the domain names and they follows my description.
Does sitemeer.com use a free plan or paid plan?

I try it and here is the records:

A sitemeer.com
A sitemeer.com
A www
A www

Sitemeer is a free plan, and the only records you got are Cloudflare IP addresses. Nothing’s exposed.

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